matt surridge

I am street and artistic photographer based in hong kong.  my full-time job has me travelling regularly trough Asia, Europe and America.   I draw my inspiration from some of the early 'street' photographers who's work has a real sense of time and place in the way it captures people in a broader scene.

Back streets, lanes and alleys are my go to locations looking to find my own slice of time and place in an increasingly homogenised world.  My work looks to express the idea that despite all the similarities there is still a uniqueness in everyday life.  For me this comes from the people and how they go about their everyday lives.  From the trolly pushing street cleaners of Hong Kong to the street food vendors of Malaysia and the stylish cyclist from Seville, each of them express to me a differentiation that is on the surface becoming more difficult to find.

It is my travels and personal experience that has led me to setting up this venture.  The world is increasingly becoming reliant on independent groups to provide services that would otherwise not be available.  This is my small way to try and help out. 

I work with both digital and film formats (35mm and 120mm).  All images are developed and printed by myself. 


It's a fairly simple concept.  I will place all of my prints for sale on this site and 50% of the sale price will be donated to one of the not-for-profit organisations we support.

Currently we are in soft launch to get things working before we look to scale up into some of our larger plans.

Our first support organisation is Catherine's Puppies. They do an amazing job rescuing and homing the many stay dogs in our local area and are constantly having to fundraise to pay for accommodation, vets and food.  Learn More


This is Ted, he was the last bit of inspiration I needed to finally launch this project.  He is a 'Hong Kong Special' and our latest rescue project.  Seeing the great work that Catherine's Puppies do with limited resources made me want to help in some way. 

how it works

50% of the print price (excluding framing and delivery costs collected from the sale of each print will be donated directly do our chosen organisation.  You will receive the print and a letter outlining the donation and the authenticity of the print.

We hope you find something you would love to have on your wall.